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Cut out the boring parts

May 4, 2007

“Drama is life with all the boring parts cut out of it.”
–Alfred Hitchcock

The last thing we want to do as animators is to bore the audience, or show them something they can see if they look out a window. We should not strive for natural movements in our animation. We should strive for entertainment. Our characters carry the story, the situation, and the drama. We should infuse every part possible with personality and drama that relates to the story.

Walt Disney would likely critique natural movement in animation this way: “Your guy just moves in and he’s there….I don’t see him do anything. Y’know, a guy can be funny the way he does things….We oughta be looking for entertaining ways of doing things. We don’t want to get straight, y’know–we’re not copying nature.” (From Disney Animation Illusion of Life by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson.)

One Disney animator posted a sign over his desk that read “Why would anyone want to look at that?


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