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Rough Animation of Disney Masters

June 4, 2007

As we approach step 6 of our animation methodology, I have listed here some very good resources on the web for you to take advantage of.

1 on 1 Animation has a page of really good examples of rough animation of some of the Disney guys at this website:

You need to review these as much as you can.

Some lectures and interviews. Audio quality, not always so good, but the material is excellent. Even if you’re not a big fan of Disney, it’s worthwhile hearing from those who have defined and continue to carry this art form forward.

Milt Kahl, arguably the greatest animator who has ever lived, and one of the fabled ‘9 Old Men’.miltkahl.jpg

Milt Kahl part 1 >>>
Milt Kahl part 2 >>>

Glen Keane Interview part 1 >>>
Glen Keane Interview part 2 >>>

Andreas Dejas Interview part 1 >>>
Andreas Dejas Interview part 2 >>>
Andreas Dejas Interview part 3 >>>

Burny Mattison Interview part 1 >>>
Burny Mattison Interview part 2 >>>
Burny Mattison Interview part 3 >>>

A Canadian, a Sheridan grad, and a friend of mine, Nik Ranieri:

Nik Ranieri Interview part 1 >>>
Nik Ranieri Interview part 2 >>>
Nik Ranieri Interview part 3 >>>

Last, but certainly not the least, the amazing Brad Bird:

Brad Bird Splinecast >>>

I have asked Carl to download these into our new Animation Training folder on the server.

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