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The Omnipresence of Weight

June 21, 2007

Weight is one of the foremost problems animators face. It accounts for a significant amount of problems in animation. Even many performance problems can be attributed to weight problems.  In all my years of animation I cannot recall very many times where the weight problem was that there was too much weight in the animation.

Animation is largely about creating weight.  It’s everywhere.  The only time you can forget about weight is if you’re animating something floating in space.  And in that case you need to think about momentum.  Weight is in everything from a high diving elephant to the blink of an eye.  Weight is omnipresent.

Animation has a tendency to be floaty, as if characters and objects had some degree of helium inside of them.  Conveying a sense of weight is a difficult challenge.  But tackle it we must.  Our goal is to create performance in characters who are affected by gravity.  Without gravity, performance is defused.

Performance + Weight = Good Animation

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  1. June 26, 2007 10:26 am

    Hi! So I’m a total amateur beginner, with no training at all, I just dove in, but I tried to follow your advice as best I could with my limited skillz, especially the “why would anyone want to look at that” idea. Since you seem like a public-minded, kind and helpful person to post all this free animation advice, maybe you could look at my video and critique it?

    I want to make another one, but I want to learn from this one before I dive into the next. This one was for a contest, so I had about a month of free time to work on it. The next one will be just for fun.

    THANKS! And thanks again for opening this tutorial blog to the public. 🙂

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