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Animator Glen Keane

August 10, 2009

Glen Keane is animator of Tarzan, Fagin, the Beast, Aladdin, Long John Silver, and many other memorable characters in the Disney line-up.  Glen is a master of character animation.  His work is filled with emotion, personality and appeal.  But there is one thing that stands out about Glen’s work that surpasses most other animators, and that is his work tells a clear and believable story.

The greatest challenges of any animation performance is to serve the story in a clear, believable fashion.  In fact, this is the challenge of all the dramatic, storytelling arts, be it acting, directing, or writing.   Is the story served clearly and believably?

Keane’s animation is clear in it’s communication of story and personality in every frame.  It doesn’t have to be in motion to work.  Stop on every frame and you will see these things in every pose.  The poses are not confusing, they are simple and clear.  The motion is not cumbersome, awkward or cliched, it is believable and filled with emotion.  And it all fits within the dramatic needs of the story.

Keane also storyboarded many sequences in Tarzan.  Here is a storyboard reel for one of  his sequences.

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