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This blog began as a training tool for a team of artists and animators who I was directing at Big Bang Digital Studios in Montreal.  The purpose was to broaden understanding not only of the craft of animation, but to understand how all the other creative elements contribute to the whole film.

Filmmaking is a craft of “creative crosspollination”.  It orchestrates the many artistic disciplines of storytelling, writing, visual arts, performance, animation,  sound and music.  It is critical that artists understand that their particular craft is usually subordinate to other disciplines.  The job of the director is like that of a conductor to marshall and control the performances of a wide variety of artistic textures.

Creative crosspollination is also helpful to artists whether they work in film or not.  Exposure to artforms outside of your discipline can often help you grow beyond your scope.  It is to this end that this blog exists, as I immerse myself in my own creative crosspollination.

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  1. January 1, 2009 11:50 am

    Wow, Todd– the discussions here on animation are really useful. I love the steel ball analogy for animating walks! It says a lot about ‘anticipation’ or building momentum– I can use that. 😀

    I kept looking up the stuff you did, and I saw that pineapple hair girl thing from your website– and saw that great Marinela commercial you did! I think I got into animation and drawing just because of commercials that fused live action and animation back in my childhood, especially when integrating animation on top of a live action model. I usually use those for reference– do you know of any other ads that have the same level of interaction going on? 😀

    By the way– definitely going to subscribe to this blog.


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